A journey into one's Self: One's Self - A fragile unity of the body, mind and spirit?

Healthy people are in harmony with their Self (A sound mind in a sound body) - or so goes the saying. However, as estimated by experts, every fifth person at least once in their life suffers from a serious mental disorder. The consideration of how this abnormal condition can be corrected often inevitably leads to questions such as, "what can bring the consciousness so out of step" and "what does the Self actually perceive". Answers to these and other key questions of human self-awareness can be found in "The Embodied Self".

With contributions from:

Dan Zahavi, Sanneke de Haan, Olaf Blanke and Thomas Metzinger, Adrian J. T. Smith, Daniel D. Hutto, Joel Krueger, Lorna Lees-Grossmann, Vittorio Gallese, Athena Demertzi, Steven Laureys, Rachel Wood, Yves Rossetti, Nicholas Holmes, Gilles Rode and Alessandro Farné, Silvia Salerno, György Gergely, Orsolya Koós and John S. Watson, Ernö Téglás and Ágnes M. Kovács, Hanne De Jaegher and Thomas Fuch, Philippe Rochat, Peter Hobson, Mikołaj Hernik, Josef Parnas and Louis A. Sass, Andrea Raballo, Gerd Rudolf, Peter Fonagy and Patrick Luyten, Tarik Bel-Bahar and Alex Desiatnikov, Alena Streltsova, Peter Henningsen, Alex R. López-Rolón


Interdisciplinary Investigation of the Fundaments of the Human Person

From left to right: Sabine Kussmann, Christoph Mundt, Serge Bredart, Vittorio Gallese, Alessandro Farné, Steven Laureys, Peter Henningsen, Thomas Metzinger, Peter Fonagy, Dan Zahavi, György Gergely, Thomas Fuchs, Mary Target
From left to right: S. Kussmann, C. Mundt, S. Bredart, V. Gallese, A. Farné, S. Laureys, P. Henningsen, T. Metzinger, P. Fonagy, D. Zahavi, G. Gergely, T. Fuchs, M. Target

DISCOS is an interdisciplinary project of both the biomedical sciences and the humanities to investigate the fundaments of the human person. 10 European centres with outstanding expertise in the area of philosophy, neurosciences, psychiatry and psychology will cooperate in research and training on "Disorders and Coherence of the Embodied Self".

Its major goal is the integration of first-person, second-person and third-person approaches to the embodied human subjectivity. Embodiment constitutes the crucial interface of the biological and psycho-social approaches to the human self and its disorders that are integrated by DISCOS.

The major breakthrough to be expected from DISCOS will be an integrative framework for research and interventions on the embodied human self that will overcome the fragmentation of approaches and disciplines in the field.




Embodiment, Intersubjectivity and Psychopathology

International Conference University of Heidelberg 30. September - 2. October 2010